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Divorce and

Breakup Coaching

Navigating a breakup, separation or divorce?
Feeling alone, lost, scared, angry, stuck?

I see you… I’ve been you… I’ve felt the pain. 


I want to let you know that a much brighter future is possible and within your reach!


If you would like divorce coaching support to move past the pain, rediscover yourself and what’s truly possible, I would love to connect!


Susan is a Conscious Uncoupling Coach that offers 1:1 online divorce coaching packages to guide you through the emotional turmoil of your breakup, help you transform your life and create the future you desire.

Visit the About and Coaching pages to learn more or book your free 30 min Connection Call today!

Interested in a free workbook?

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Are you ready to break free from the pain of your past and find greater peace of mind?



Susan Dumbarton Coaching

Halifax, NS, Canada

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