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My name is Susan and I am a Conscious Uncoupling Certified Coach passionate about supporting other moms through the emotional turmoil of breakups. Guiding my clients through the transformational Conscious Uncoupling process, my goal is to help them find peace within themselves, do what's in the best interests of their family as a whole and come out the other side stronger for it! 

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My Story

Married at 24 years old, I thought I’d found the man of my dreams, picturing nothing other than growing old together. As a couple we had survived my struggle with depression, started a beautiful family, built our careers,  and endured a heartbreaking stillbirth. I thought our love and commitment could weather any storm.

After continuing to build our family, in early 2019, I was devastated when my husband told me that he no longer saw a path forward for us in our marriage. Newly pregnant at the time, the shock, grief and despair that followed led to some of the darkest days of my life. The emotional rollercoaster was at times unbearable, and I had great difficulty containing my emotions.

The birth of my youngest daughter that summer gave me a renewed sense of hope, but my anger and resentment continued to brew under the surface and at times control me. Eventually I realized I had a pivotal choice to make. I could continue to stay stuck and angry or do the inner work necessary to free myself from the past. I chose to invest in myself, hired a divorce coach and haven't looked back since. My coach helped me push past my limiting beliefs, navigate the challenges with co-parenting, regain control of my life, and take a strong stand for my future and family.

My own transformative journey has inspired me to become a coach and help others through their own breakups. As a Conscious Uncoupling Certified Coach I have been mentored and trained by the highly acclaimed and New York Times Bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas. This training, combined with my mental health experience as a registered nurse for over ten years, has well prepared me for this work and I can't wait to help more individuals find their Happily Even After Story too!

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